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Gold Sponsor

Ready for tomorrow.

We have an expertise in Towing & Recovery insurance and unrivalled market access. With over 10 years of specialized experience, we wholeheartedly support the Oregon Tow Truck Association and the advancement of the industry within our state and nationwide. We want to be your first responders as you do for everyone else.

When you partner with us, you’re at the center of a vast network of experts dedicated to advising you on how to prepare for the unexpected with:

  • Business insurance and risk services to help protect your organization, brand and assets
  • Employee benefits that help you navigate change, and support and engage your people
  • Personal insurance to help you protect your family, your home and more
  • Retirement and private wealth management to help you and your employees pursue personal financial goals with confidence.
Contact us to protect what matters most to you.
Direct: 541-368-3232

Silver Sponsor

Copart Auction Towing Partnership

Are you interested in additional income, a flexible schedule and steady work with a top-notch company? If so, Copart wants you to join them as a tow provider. Copart tows over 2.5 million vehicles annually in the United States, Canada and over 40,000 in Oregon alone. By joining the team, you have a partner with a nationwide presence and a trusted name in the auto auction industry.

Silver Sponsor

Rapid Response Bio Clean

Rapid Response Bio Clean provides chemical and biological cleanup services in and around Portland, Oregon and the extended metro area.
We are committed to providing our customers with a service that is discreet and thorough, while also being sensitive to the impact that incidents of trauma can have on those connected to it. We also specialize in cleanup not related to traumatic events, such as hoarding, animal waste, disinfecting and deodorizing of residential and commercial spaces after any type of bio-hazard related event.
Please contact us with any questions you may have about our services or the particulars of your specific situation.

Bronze Sponsor

Bronze Sponsor

Bronze Sponsor

Auto Data Direct, Inc.
Current Vehicle Owner and Lienholder Information from Multiple States (available to Qualified Companies. Learn more at

Bronze Sponsor

Haas Alert
Safety Cloud is the first-ever connected vehicle platform dedicated to road safety, delivering advance warning digital alerts to drivers when hazards are ahead. Towing professionals rely on Safety Cloud to digitally alert drivers to slow down and move over, which drastically reduces the risk of collisions on and near the roadway.

Bronze Sponsor

Impact Payments
Our mission is to bring integrity and professionalism to the electronic payments industry while providing our clients with world-class payment processing solutions at the most competitive prices. We provide customized payment processing solutions to fit your unique business and industry needs, including:
  • - Both traditional and compliant Surcharging merchant accounts
  • - Dramatic reductions in your processing costs
  • - Online payments, electronic invoicing, and mobile payments to streamline your cashflow
  • - Virtually eliminate chargebacks and disputes
  • - Dedicated, local service team

Sponsors Partnerships Are Critical to the Success of the Association. Please Support Our Sponsors.

The Oregon Tow Truck Association partners with quality suppliers and professionals who are dedicated to achieving the Associaton's business objectives. Their support helps fight for and defend the rights and interests of towing and recovery professionals statewide. Learn more about these fine sponsors by following the below links.

Association Sponsors Will Enjoy The Following Benefits:

GOLD SPONSOR -- $2,500
  • Logo Featured X2 on Website Sponsor Carousel Appearing on Most Pages
  • Sponsor Page Feature Including 3" x 5" Image, 150 Word Product Description & Site Link
  • Option to Speak at All Quarterly Meetings
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  • Logo Featured on Website Sponsor Carousel Appearing on Most Pages
  • Sponsor Page Feature Including 2" x 4" Image, 150 Word Product Description & Site Link
  • Five Sponsor Limit, Industry Exclusive Rights
  • Option to Speak at Two Quarterly Meetings

  • Sponsor Page Feature Including 1" x 3" Image, 75 Word Product Description & Site Link
  • Option to Speak at One Quartly Meeting
  • Unlimited Sponsor Limit

Association Partner

REV-PAY Merchant Solutions
OTTA Members-Only Credit Card Processing Benefits
Experienced Merchant Advocates
Kim Loiacono: (208) 761-7663
▪Free online reporting
▪Mobile, Wireless, e-commerce, Card-Not-Present & Face 2 Face
▪Checks, Giftcards & All Major Credit Cards
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In Memory of Life Time Member Jack Babbitt

Thank you for your years of support and dedication to the
Oregon Tow Truck Association. You Are Missed.